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Shini’s BD Projects:

Clannad ~After Story~ (Joint with Tasty-subs & - Awaiting Megabatch and AriGold's return

Mitsudomoe (S2) - S2 not started due to other projects taking precedence

Infinite Stratos - AriGold's Project, will be sorted shortly

Yumekui Merry - BD Vol 2 @ encode

Strike Witches (S1 & S2) - Even though our friends at have decided to hang up their fansubbing gloves, we will finish S1 as a joint, S2 will be pure Shini however.....when I get round to it.

BD Squad Projects:

Sacred Seven BD Vol 1 @ Encode

IS: Infinite Stratos – Trailers

Girls of IS

Ok, heres a late xmas pressie from me. Its X-Mas day, so i cba with torrents or fileserve so here are direct links to it on the server.

Trailer 1 (360p): Server

Trailer 2 (720p): Server

There isnt anything pretty about them….Our TL, Ma15 found them, subbed them, CyleR timed them, then i QCed….I saw no point in adding fancy fonts. So enjoy and anticipate the real thing in Jan.

12 comments to IS: Infinite Stratos – Trailers

  • Senna

    Hmm… I’m interested in this series for the seiyuu, and I’m glad you’re picking this series up already!! I await your work with much anticipation! I hope you’re all having a Merry Christmas!

    • Kore

      I sort of insisted that we get it, lol. Although, for a bit there, we weren’t sure we’d do it due to troubles with a TL. Well, Ma15 is our solution, so hopefully all is well now.

  • Senna

    Ooooo Mio/Shino (*cough* Hikasa Youko-san) as the trailer’s narrator!! =D

    Funny subs error at 0:20 – “Inifite Stratos” XD

    Thank you again!!!!! <3<3<3

  • Senna

    Ayako already has the first episode out!!! >_> I shall compare when you guys get episode 1 out, too… and sorry!! but I can’t wait for Hikasa Youko!! XD

    • Shinisaki

      its ok…i dont mind. I will have it out within 24 hours, hopefully.

      • Senna

        Alright, just finished watching Ayako’s version… and wow, they set the bar really low…. They went overboard on speed over quality, I think >_> tonnes of spelling errors for sure. I would be more than happy to wait a little longer for your group’s subs if you guys focused more on proofreading and such, and perhaps typesetting in future episodes should they pop up (didn’t see any need for that in episode 1, but then again, I’m just a newbie viewer, so what do I know? XD)

        I hope you guys enjoy episode 1 while working on the subs, too! I’m impressed at Megumi Toyoguchi’s authoritive voice there, Yukana’s boastful charm, and Youko Hikasa’s solid acting (tsundere, wow XD)~ Cheers!

        • Shinisaki

          glad to know i will have at least 1 downloader :)

          • Senna

            You make this sound so depressing :(
            But in all seriousness, I’m really grateful to fansubbers, as without you guys and all the other groups out there, I wouldn’t be able to experience such a fun and big part of Japanese culture, so I’ll lend whatever support I can, even if the best I can give right now are merely words =)

          • Shinisaki

            trust me when i say, all of us here appreciate that Senna. Anytime you want, you are welcome to join our IRC channel. We’d all like to thank you personally :D

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