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Shini’s BD Projects:

Clannad ~After Story~ (Joint with Tasty-subs & - Awaiting Megabatch and AriGold's return

Mitsudomoe (S2) - S2 not started due to other projects taking precedence

Infinite Stratos - AriGold's Project, will be sorted shortly

Yumekui Merry - BD Vol 2 @ encode

Strike Witches (S1 & S2) - Even though our friends at have decided to hang up their fansubbing gloves, we will finish S1 as a joint, S2 will be pure Shini however.....when I get round to it.

BD Squad Projects:

Sacred Seven BD Vol 1 @ Encode

Hanamaru Youchien BD Batch

lolis in....nappies?

So here we go. Our first full batch and its a joint with When i first heard of this show i thought…hmm, could be alright, i guess. Now, having watched it over 24 times, I have come to the conclusion…this show is brilliant. So here we go…

3 Resolutions. 1080 and 720 have a commentary audio track as well. 480 doesnt. 1080p is in AAC audio due to no FLAC option being available. Also, no Fileserve for this one.

Staff Credits

Translation: Crunchysubs, heavily modified and de-assified.
Karaoke: [polished], specifically Toybox (no one did karaoke for more than 2 episodes, so that’s why we lifted [polished], in short – no-one cared, which is a shame as the kara’s are freaking amazing)
Timing: SatsujinShinzou, otherwise known as Shinri
TS: Assasin_Cross and YuSaKu
Editing: Kore
QC: Shinisaki
Raw Provider: Hakumal

1080p: [] Hanamaru Youchien (1920×1080 h264 AAC)


720p: [] Hanamaru Youchien (1280×720 h264 AAC)


480p: [] Hanamaru Youchien (848×480 h264 AAC)


32 comments to Hanamaru Youchien BD Batch

  • Shinisaki

    Expect a speed increase over 24-48 hours in this order:

  • plax

    is this encoded from BDMV?

  • Hell yeah. This was one of my favorite show. I have downloaded the Bluray too from DmonHiro but unfortunately, no Karaoke for Opening and Ending song. I have requested to added some fabulous Karaoke but he refused and said that Karaoke song was stupid and pointless. I liked the ending song in every episode, especially for episode 4.
    Now I will downloaded yours and deleted my old file (from DmonHiro)
    By the way, did you included Karaoke song for all of episode?

    • Shinisaki

      yes i did do karaoke for all the eps….and i have to admit…its pretty damn sexy. The OP and ED’s for this show really converted me. Hopefully this week i will be releasing some extras, like the NCOP and ED’s.

  • Assasin_Cross

    i suck.jpg

  • ckingsama

    pretty much no seeds for 1080p…..still been waiting a few days =(

  • Greg

    Not to be some greedy leecher (because I’ll be seeding this for at least a month after I finish it), but is there anyone who has this finished that could help seed? I’m uploading at a good 300+kb/s, yet I’m only downloading at 1kb/s.

    I don’t know if that’s because the up speed is so slow and nobody has it complete yet, but if anyone DOES have all the files, I’d really appreciate it. Most of us are all stuck on 54.6% and have another month until completion at this rate.

    Thanks. <3

  • Greg

    Forgot to add, for the 1080p version. :P Thanks.

  • Greg

    And well, crap. Sorry. Didn’t realize you said “expect a speed increase in the net 24-48 hours.” You’re almost to the 1080p version with that then.

    Sorry for the request lol. Forget it. :P

    • Shinisaki

      lol. I apologise. bad weather conditions here are affecting speeds. I’ll have them up as soon as possible.

      • Greg

        Don’t apologise, I’m just glad to get it in 1080p. :P I can wait. I didn’t realize that the slow speeds were from the initial seed, so that’s my fault.

        Thanks for the great job. [:

  • rainbow

    would you release a file serve or megaupload for this one?? i download bluray files on a 1 episode per day because its convenient for me because my net is damn slow and a batch file is to large to download with xD…i admired you in subbing those op and ed because i myself love singing some op and ed if its good ^^,

  • Diabolical User

    Episode 4 and 10 appear to be incomplete for the 1080p batch…

    • Shinisaki

      thanks for letting me know. I’ll sort that out and re-release 4 & 10

      • Diabolical User

        Thank you Shinisaki :D / It is by the will of the Hougyoku that I have these episodes.

        • tta

          Thanks a lot for doing this – I just love this show!
          When you have a new batch with fixed 4&10 (and possibly extras), let us know: we’ll help seeding.

          NB: the soundtrack is top notch too, and definitely worth getting. You’ll be hard pressed to find another show where the seiyū have been this involved. Look out for Ayahi Takagaki going full Opera mode on track 2!!

  • Shinisaki

    lol. bleach reference

  • what about the extra episode? when will it be release?
    and don’t forget to add the ED song :D

    • Shinisaki

      Kindergarten Warriors and the NCOP/ED’s will be in an extra’s batch with the Soundtrack in a few weeks. Problems with the server are preventing upload atm. I will endeavour to get this done as fast as possible.

  • Bzlai

    What about the v2 of Episodes 4&10 for the 1080p batch?

  • Dave Justice

    Hey Shini, I don’t suppose you’re in the mood to be totally awesome and upload the Hanamaru extras batch please? I belatedly discovered their varied existence on the xdcc page here but their bot is dead and I can’t find them anywhere else on teh interwebs. Google, why do you fail me so?! ლ(¯ロ¯ლ

    I’m not a picky anonymous though really, if you could find the time to upload them on your own xdcc bot or as a torrent/DDL links then that’d be totally fantastic. Bordering on fabulous even! In gratitude, I can offer sandwiches and/or effusive praise, heh (^◡◡^)

    • haha, i have the extras, certainly. I’ll put them on a new XDCC bot for you. This bot will be purely for extras and ova’s.

      • Ah, ’tis mighty nice of you, Shini. You have earned yourself an internet! Do not abuse its power, my friend. I look forward to partaking of the future bounty once it’s up :D

        But speaking of XDCC bots, is there something wrong with your XDCC|Tenshi-chan bot? I can’t seem to download anything from it. Any file I try to get from Tenshi-chan starts and then immediately fails. It does this 11 times out of 10 (Madness!). I’ve tested out 5 other bots including your XDCC|Suzuka and I can download fine from them so I don’t think the problem’s on my end. Is it broken on your end too or am I just being trolled by unknown entities for their amusement and/or profit? I’m trying to get the Hanamaru episodes and, since IRC’s my only option, I hope it can be fixed soon.

        Thanks! :D

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