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Mitsudomoe (S2) - S2 not started due to other projects taking precedence

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Yumekui Merry - BD Vol 2 @ encode

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Nisemonogatari – 07

Delays this week were because Crunchyroll had a 13 hour delay to start with. That, combined with a wealth of signs they missed and the like meant that we had a lot to catch up on. But it’s here, finally!

The ED should no longer lag. I changed the font for a third time. It’s acting a little weird at times, but at least it’s not lagging.

Shini Edit: In reference to the poll on the left, I will leave it up, but its clear that people prefer the naming as Hi10p. Therefore all my releases will be labeled as such. The other encoder for this show (SoupRKnowva) prefers 10bit thus we have come to an arrangement. Any encodes of his using Hi10 encoding will be labeled as 10bit, mine as Hi10p. This….will not clear up any confusion whatsoever, so i’ll just shrug and carry on. In the meantime, enjoy more Nisemonogatari:


[Shini-subs] Nisemonogatari – 07 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [91E349D3].mkv



[Shini-subs] Nisemonogatari – 07 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [D8F103D0].mkv


[Shini-subs] Nisemonogatari – 07 (848×480 h264 AAC) [C1A7DBC0].mkv


16 comments to Nisemonogatari – 07

  • A. Crush

    Didn’t really notice any delay. Almost seems early.

    Thanks so much for the release…and doing *both* 8-bit / Hi10p encodes for this awesome, awesome show.

  • ua

    “The ED should no longer lag. I changed the font for a third time. It’s acting a little weird at times, but at least it’s not lagging.”

    it’s lagging like hell
    it has nothing to do with font, obviously
    it’s lagging because you have 20 \t tags in one line, which is insane

    • Calyrica

      And only one \t tag is active at a time, so that’s not the issue. By calling 20 \t tags on one line “insane”, I assume you’ve never seen a karaoke template before. A karaoke template is coded at the very top of a script in the form {\k$kdur\t($start,$end,effect}, and then I tell Aegisub to apply it, and thus you get the lines you’re complaining about. I used a line template, which is safe for softsubbing, depending on the effect in the \t tag. Since I only used \c, it’s safe. If I had done a high blur, for example, it would cause lag. If I had used a syllable template, that wouldn’t be safe for softsubbing regardless of the effect.

      Make sure you’re using the latest CCCP if on Windows, or watching on VLC if on a Mac. It’s likely a codec issue. All computers built in the past 5 years should be able to handle it.

    • Calyrica

      Also, please remember that playing 10-bit is more demanding on your machine than playing 8-bit, which is one reason why we provide both. If you’re watching the 10-bit release, I urge you to try the 8-bit.

    • ua

      being a typesetter and encoding in 10-bit all the time, i know pretty well what i’m talking about
      the simple _fact_ is that it _is_ lagging
      of course you can overcome any lag by having very fast PC so i’m sure there are people for whom it doesn’t lag
      my PC isn’t very fast but i know quite a few fellow fansubbers with even slower machines
      then again if your solution is expecting everyone to have a fast enough PC, then of course you don’t have a problem

      “And only one \t tag is active at a time, so that’s not the issue.”
      nice theory, but as experience shows, not true in reality

      • Nightowl64

        Thanks for enjoying our release! Ato tanoshimi da ne~

      • @ua. Another way to solve this lag issue would be to hardsub it, but since neither Soup nor I can be bothered to do this, it stays softsubbed. As to the lag, we’ll look into it, im sure, though none of the staff are having lag issues, and we have a range of PC’s and Macs (*shudders*), from very fast, high end to slower, older PCs. Nevertheless, we’ll look at an answer.

  • pepperoni

    Can replace Commie with this far better and taken care of script!

  • This will seem like a really odd question, but does your nick happen to be a reference to the character named “Pepperoni” in Mana Khemia 2?

    (I know there are probably a dozen or more reasons for that to be your nick, and this is the least likely, but god damnit, that game is just too awesome.)

  • An

    Did you guys left out the translation of Araragi’s rant text (around 1:00) on purpose?

  • Calyrica

    Oh, shit. You’d think after the previous 6 eps that we’d expect that. I guess I thought that there being a wall of text later on meant there wouldn’t be this all of text. Um. Our fault completely for missing it.

    For now, just note that all of the walls of text are direct excerpts from the Bakemonogatari light novel, Karen Bee chapter, translated here:

    I would assume the wall of text is this (but I haven’t confirmed it with the TL):

    The Fire Sisters of Tsuganoki.

    Araragi Karen is the Fire Sisters’ fighter, and Araragi Tsukihi is the Fire Sisters’ planner. And so, like some sort of relief force or world reformation group, they play as allies of justice, everyday, repetitively. Of course, when I say this to them, first,

    “We’re not playing, Nii-chan.”

    that is what Karen would say.

    And continuing on,

    “We’re not allies of justice. We’re justice itself, Onii-chan.”

    that’s definitely how Tsukihi would go on.

    I know pretty much all the things they are likely to say.

    However, as their relative, I can assert that what they do isn’t something so nice, but just something to release excess energy. If you keep doing things like this you’ll get in trouble for it one day — that’s what I keep saying to them, but seeing as I was the one who has gotten in trouble successively over these months, it didn’t really ring true. And because it didn’t ring true, I probably wasn’t very convincing — well, it’s also because of this that I could speak with ease, knowing that they’ll ignore me anyway — but I can say it out loud.

    Araragi Karen and Araragi Tsukihi —

    Your deeds as the Fire Sisters are still nothing more than playing as allies of justice.

    The sisters I can be so proud of —

    You two are just helpless impostors.

    • Nightowl64

      This isn’t right. I’ve translated what it should really be. Again, sorry for not translating this:

      “Araragi, do you know of Shogi?”
      “It’s actually a simple game. If you look at it in general, it’s quite superficial.”
      “The number of each piece and it’s respective movements are predetermined. The board’s design is immutable.
      “Every detail is limited, ergo the possibilities are restricted from the very beginning of the game.
      However, in spite of that, only the best of shogi players are all geniuses.
      Only these geniuses can attain the highest position in such a game where fools are separated from geniuses.
      Why do you think that is so?”
      “It is because shogi is a game of speed.
      The professionals will all definitley have their clocks with them next to the board.
      Regardless of all the strict rules, the potential for enjoyment exists only because this is a game with a limiting factor of time.
      The true focus lies in the amount ot time it takes for you to make a decision.
      In other words, you can only be as intelligent as you are fast.
      Any person can apply a famous strategy if he or she had the time.
      The main point is to just not waste any time.”
      “And these limitations aren’t solely unique to shogi. Our lives are limited as well.
      The true focus lies in the amount ot time it takes for you to make a decision.
      Basically, it all comes to how quickly you can think.
      Speaking as a person who has lived longer than you, I shall give you some advice:”
      “Make sure you don’t over-think things.
      From what I’ve seen in my life, people who are too occupied in their own thoughts are just as easy to fool as people who don’t even think at all.
      Think moderately. Act moderately.
      That’s the lesson for you here.”


      • an

        So it wasn’t from Araragi, anyway, thanks for the translation. Just don’t forget to include it in the batch/v2/whatever you will do with this ep in the future.

  • dymitr

    Awesome episode with a great shot of the 2 girls sleeping together. I really hope the remaining episodes are just as good as this arc was.

  • Thank you for continuing to offer the 8-bit version, as well =)

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