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Shini’s BD Projects:

Clannad ~After Story~ (Joint with Tasty-subs & - Awaiting Megabatch and AriGold's return

Mitsudomoe (S2) - S2 not started due to other projects taking precedence

Infinite Stratos - AriGold's Project, will be sorted shortly

Yumekui Merry - BD Vol 2 @ encode

Strike Witches (S1 & S2) - Even though our friends at have decided to hang up their fansubbing gloves, we will finish S1 as a joint, S2 will be pure Shini however.....when I get round to it.

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Sacred Seven BD Vol 1 @ Encode

Nisemonogatari Status and Next Season Pre-Planning

Cloche Leythal Pastalia
Because after two years of procrastination, I have finally achieved every possible ending in the Ar tonelico trilogy.

So yeah. Hi. How have all of you patient leechers been?
Hiroto Edit: wall of text after the jump.

First topic I want to discuss with all of you is Nisemonogatari. As you may have noticed, episode 9 is extremely late. “Why is episode 9 so late?” you may ask. My answer? “I don’t fucking know.” I finalized the script Wednesday night. Wednesday as in March 7th, by the way. I’ve been trying to contact Shini, as he’s the only person with permission to release on his server, but I’ve maybe heard all of two sentences from him since then. I’m sure he’s just busy, which isn’t entirely his fault, but it means that you guys have to wait longer for a release which has been ready for a week now. I’m really sorry.

That’s not all about Nisemonogatari. Our 10-bit encoder and sign translator are both gone for another week and a half. Shini can cover the encoding, but we’re thoroughly fucked without a sign translator. See, my sign translator has mentioned many times that a lot (read: all) of the signs are written using pre-WWII kanji, which is quite rare nowadays and much harder to recognize. As he has been successful in doing the signs for the past episodes, as project leader, I’d be much more comfortable with him continuing to work on the signs rather than to bring on someone else. (“But don’t you just use Crunchyroll’s scripts?” you might ask. That’s true; we do. However, they tend to miss quite a few signs. Oftentimes, the ones they do put in are during scenes where there are multiple signs on the screen and I need some help identifying where they go, as well. >_>)

I aim to finish this series and get the batch released before the next season starts. This is a hefty goal, especially with the setbacks listed above. However, I think we can manage this. Episode 9 is, like I said, ready to go. That leaves two episodes to do once our 10-bit encoder and sign translator get back. If we can manage it, it will be our first solo show that we’ve managed to complete during a season. (The only other show we’ve accomplished this on is Kamisama Dolls, which was a joint with Doki.)

Okay, I’ve ranted on Nisemonogatari. I feel a lot better now.

Next topic: Next season.

Once Nisemonogatari is finished, it’s all about the backlog. However, I doubt many of you actually care about the backlog anymore. So… We want to do another show! Many of us are in other groups, so this decision is rather difficult. We don’t want to compete with, well, ourselves, but we don’t know what the other groups are doing yet. So this is where you come in!

If you really want us to do a show, comment and tell us! If we find that another one of our groups is doing it, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, we’ll definitely take it into consideration.

Thanks to all of our leechers for your patience, and thanks for supporting us with Nisemonogatari!

Azure Edit: …That research paper didn’t type itself…

23 comments to Nisemonogatari Status and Next Season Pre-Planning

  • Luk

    Thanks for the update, at least it provides more info about the current situation.
    Looking foward for the episodes, also to the return of the normal schedule. Keep doing the good work!

  • A. Crush

    Another thanks for the update, good to know what’s going on. Not a surprise though, this series is cursed, it’s always something with the final eps.

    Maybe you could release 10-11 as a v0 without the signs TL’ed, then release the v1’s in the batch.

    As for the shows, I would say wait until the season starts and see what isn’t being done. I’m sure there’s going to be at least one awesome show that will get crunched, and therefore passed over.

    • Calyrica

      We don’t really need to do a Crunchy’d show. We have translators who can indeed hold their own. However, with this show having multiple OP/EDs and the myriad of difficult signs, I’m glad we were able to obtain a translation source rather than translate it from scratch.

      • A. Crush

        I’d still suggest doing whatever isn’t getting TL’ed, or isn’t being done by any decent groups, rather than pick a show, only for it to be oversubbed or have quality groups already doing it.

        If resources allow, it’d be nice to see a crunchy show as well, as they will inevitably pick something awesome up and it won’t get a quality release.

        • This is proving to be harder than expected since, due to what i have found (unconfirmed), Commie is doing a LOT of shows for next season, including some of the ones we were looking at ourselves. More consideration will be taking place.

          • A. Crush

            While I support Horrible and Commie’s efforts against CR, I don’t consider their stuff on the same level as a group like Shini that revises and checks the TL. Plenty of others feel the same way, and only download their stuff as a last resort.

            If there are shows the group wants to do, but Horrible/Commie are the only other groups doing it, a quality Shini release would still be appreciated and worthwhile.

            Also, any chance of a Shini ep 9 release? Just an 8-bit is fine…

  • Grozzle

    Thanks for letting us know what’s going on. I don’t mind waiting a while longer for a better version of Nise.
    As for next season, I’m looking forward to Acchi Kocchi, Eureka Seven Ao, and Jormungand, (Holy Knight is also on my Plan To Watch, though I have no memory of why) are you thinking about picking any of them up?

  • Grozzle

    Oh, by the way, Pettanko are on your friends list, do you know if they’re still going? They haven’t put out an episode for aaaaaages.
    Also, remembered why Holy Knight is on the PTW, the MC is the seiyuu who did the deadpan toddler niece in Yuri Yuri. That voice cracked me up so much.

  • Mayuyu

    So yeah, we talked about it briefly on IRC, but Jormungand looks like a winner.

  • xxdgfxx

    Your subs are the best out of them all :D
    Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for the update. I will continue to be patient. I can follow other fansub groups, but I seriously prefer you guys over them :)

    I almost thought you guys stopped after I just found out about you T.T

  • dymitr

    Come-on shinisaki, get a grip you;re 3 weeks behind schedule.
    I hate to see this befall a faith similar to other of your projects *cough* Horizon *cough*.

    I still have hope you;ll pull through though that might be just my hopefull thinking. I’ll see soon enough whether my trust was misplaced or not…

  • sbyrstall

    Thanks for the update. I’m not going to watch anyone else except you guys for Nise. Keep up the good work.

  • dymitr

    Seems 11 was the final episode(thnx sankaku for informing me).
    So, I’m pretty sure you’ll manage to release the last 3 episodes. Going to stick with you till the end ^^.

  • HeavenlyArmed

    I personally think you guys should consider Medaka Box. Commie seems to be the only group confirmed for it, and it looks like it’ll be pretty good.

  • mangamuscle

    Will you sub the webrips for episodes 12 & 13?

  • anthony

    i want a second season o.o

  • Gintoki

    It rocks, please have another season :D

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