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Shini’s BD Projects:

Clannad ~After Story~ (Joint with Tasty-subs & - Awaiting Megabatch and AriGold's return

Mitsudomoe (S2) - S2 not started due to other projects taking precedence

Infinite Stratos - AriGold's Project, will be sorted shortly

Yumekui Merry - BD Vol 2 @ encode

Strike Witches (S1 & S2) - Even though our friends at have decided to hang up their fansubbing gloves, we will finish S1 as a joint, S2 will be pure Shini however.....when I get round to it.

BD Squad Projects:

Sacred Seven BD Vol 1 @ Encode

Hayate no Gotoku – CTMEOY – 03

After the brilliant role we were on when we last released Hayate, we sort of hit a brick wall. Things got forgotten, things got lost, but most importantly we got confused as to what we were doing. Finally those things were sorted out long enough for us to get a release out. And thus I present Hayate no Gotoku – CTMEOY episode 3.

I apologise for the current lack of screenshot, which will hopefully get remedied shortly, this post is really just a rush job to let you know that we’ve released ep 03.


And here’s the torrent list:

720p Hi10p:

[Shini-subs] Hayate no Gotoku – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – 03 (1280×720 Hi10p h264 AAC) [5817CFC9].mkv – Torrent


[Shini-subs] Hayate no Gotoku – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – 03 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [0B38BD62].mkv – Torrent


[Shini-subs] Hayate no Gotoku – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – 03 (848X480 h264 AAC) [A2051F06].mkv – Torrent

Project K – 02

Our production of episode two is hereby released. Once again, apologies for the lack of karaoke, we hope to have that sorted by next week… Woo more naked ghost girl ^.^

720p Hi10p:

[Shini-subs] Project K – 02 (1280×720 Hi10p h264 AAC) [7A5EBDA5].mkv – Torrent


[Shini-subs] Project K – 02 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [A79701A2].mkv – Torrent


[Shini-subs] Project K – 02 (848X480 h264 AAC) [6142F1C4].mkv – Torrent

Project K – 01

Hello! In my first post ever I get to present yet another series that we have begun work on in this seemingly industrious season for us. For the same reasons as our Hayate release earlier there is a delay on the karaoke, which will hopefully be put in by the third episode. I personally am looking forward to this series and hope to see more of naked ghost girl ^.^

Staff List:

  • TL: ViZ Media
  • Edit: Korekame
  • Time: MikiMiki
  • TS: GregTheMad
  • QC: PyrokineticSock
  • Kara TL: Keyied (To be done in future)
  • Kara Timing & Styling: TBD
  • Encode: Shinisaki
  • ts source: Anonymous

720p Hi10p:

[Shini-subs] Project K – 01 (1280×720 Hi10p h264 AAC) [7A5EBDA5].mkv – Torrent


[Shini-subs] Project K – 01 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [A79701A2].mkv – Torrent


[Shini-subs] Project K – 01 (848X480 h264 AAC) [6142F1C4].mkv – Torrent