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Shini’s BD Projects:

Clannad ~After Story~ (Joint with Tasty-subs & - Awaiting Megabatch and AriGold's return

Mitsudomoe (S2) - S2 not started due to other projects taking precedence

Infinite Stratos - AriGold's Project, will be sorted shortly

Yumekui Merry - BD Vol 2 @ encode

Strike Witches (S1 & S2) - Even though our friends at have decided to hang up their fansubbing gloves, we will finish S1 as a joint, S2 will be pure Shini however.....when I get round to it.

BD Squad Projects:

Sacred Seven BD Vol 1 @ Encode

Caly – Part 8

Song Number 8 – Tsukishirube (Ookamikakushi)


On a small side note, Sacred Seven 05 will be released with 06, due to delays with the script. Kamisama Dolls will also being released later today tomorrow, as the encoder for this show went MIA.

Caly – Part 7

Song Number 7 – Michiyuki (Loveless)



So as you can see, there’s not a picture to go with this song. That’s because Loveless is a shounen-ai anime, and I don’t think Shini wants random half-undressed bishounen all over his site. Or something like that.

Anyway, I have decided to use this post to describe a bit about myself, my singing history, and my musical taste.

As you know, I’m Calyrica. I’ve been singing all 22 years of my life. However, I didn’t start out as the soprano that you hear in these weekly songs. Until I trained myself in high school, I was always placed as an alto in solos and choirs, which is the lowest of the female voice ranges. Even though I worked so hard to improve my range and tone, I was never taken seriously by my supervisors. This ruined my passion for music for many years, and instead of majoring in music at university as I had planned for over twelve years, I rashly changed my mind to go towards computer engineering, regretting it every day. In singing for all of you, I have a bit of that back again, and it makes me extremely happy to see all of you enjoying my music.

I listen mostly to two main genres: atmospheric J-Pop and orchestrated heavy metal. My favourite Japanese artists are Kajiura Yuki (and her projects, FictionJunction and Kalafina), KOKIA, Ishikawa Chiaki, Shikata Akiko, Yousei Teikoku, and OLIVIA.  My favourite metal bands are After Forever, Epica, Nightwish (not with their new vocalist, though), Therion, and Within Temptation.

Caly – Part 6

Song Number 6 – Aimo (Macross Frontier)


Caly – Part 5


For those of you who are new to the site due to our recent releases, every Thursday night or Friday morning, Shinisaki absolutely insists on a certain feature, which is a post showing off my singing to the world. If I were tsundere, I’d say: “I-It’s not like I want you to listen to it or anything.” But I’m a yandere, so I’ll just pick the song, make the post, and let him finish it.

Song Number 5 – Parallel Hearts (Pandora Hearts)

Parallel Hearts

Caly – Part 4

Song Number 4 – Winter Sleep (Nana)

Winter Sleep

Caly – Part 3

Song number 3 – Oblivious (Kara no Kyoukai 1st Movie)


Caly – Part 2

Song Number 2 – Kimi ga Sora Datta (Mai-HiME)

Kimi ga Sora Data

Calyrica Sings

I’m excited about this. Calyrica, our editor, sings, and I felt like I needed to share this with the world, because she is just that good. So this is the first song. Please enjoy and comment.

Song Number 1 – Diamond Crevasse (Macross Frontier)

Diamond Crevasse